Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Pictures from our vacation Part 1.

Hey guys!! Sorry for my absence on here I have been busy trying to get myself back on schedule since being away for a week. A time change for little ones is not a joke and trying to get ( or should I say him  ) back on schedule has been a little bit of work. I have also been doing lots and lots of spring cleaning around the house and it feels amazing to get the dust out and open up the windows a little bit. One thing I love about spring cleaning is that it gives you a oppurtunity to do inventory on your house and get rid of tons and tons of stuff.  I am currently on the hunt for the perfect white coffee mug it seems that the mugs we got 4.5 years ago when we got married have all got up out of the cabinet and walked away. Speaking of doing inventory and spring cleaning have any of you been watching the slow slow train wreck called Lindsay on the OWN network. I turned it on while cleaning my living room and could not stop watching ( shocker ). It is a documentary not a reality show and it so interesting watching her take NO responsibility for annnyy of her actions and on top of all of it she is a HUGE hoarder the girls Soho apartment is bursting with Shoes bags clothes but yet no bed - it is a nightmare so obviously you must watch.  As promised a week ago here are some of my favorite pictures from our trip to Newport Beach California. 

Uhh huh Lindsay yup thats it.

 We stayed at the Newport Villas in Newport Coast California and it was perfect lots of kids activities and beyond gorgeous views. 
 Pippa decided while there that she was not a lounge in the grass kind of girl 

 A fun day spent splashing in the water

 The nice lady strolling offered to take our picture ( please excuse my workout gear ) 

These sunglasses were from a little shop and were 5 dollars my Husband was mortified by them haha 

Some pictures of the resort I was obsessed with the beautiful ocean views.

Me and My Girl at the Santa Ana Zoo 
 My sister and her Husband and son came with us so Pippa got lots of time in with her cousin Gavin 
 The homes in Newport were so gorgeous I loved all the detail to them 
This one was one of my favorites!

 I will be back tomorrow with some more pictures from our Disneyland visit and our Date night in Laguna!! Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!! 

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