Monday, April 14, 2014

This past weekend..

This past weekend we went back to where we grew up and where Jays parents live to spend sometime with his side of the family. The weather was gorgeous so of course I was happy as a clam. On Saturday night we went into Philadelphia into our old neighborhood and had dinner with my Brother in law and soon to be sister inlaw at our favorite restaurant right around the corner from our old house. This was big for me when we first moved away from Philly I could barely drive by the area on 95 without shedding a tear. While I was ready to get out of the city when we did that area holds such a special place in my heart it is the first home me and Husband J bought together it is where we lived when we got married and above all it was the house we lived in when we brought home our first baby. I can not tell you the hours I logged walking up and down those streets pushing my sweet baby boy. We walked by the house and took a couple of pictures in front of it and then enjoyed an amazing meal at Dos Segundos if you are ever in Northern Liberties in Philadelphia I highly suggest it. Kael and Pippa were in heaven all weekend playing with their grandparents and enjoying the warm temperatures. Here are some pictures from the weekend! Hope you guys have a great week! 

Enjoying strolling thru our old neighborhood.

Husband J and his brother Kyle.

Danielle and I

 I tried my first jalepeno margarita and it was delicious!! yummmmm

 Kael attached to the hip of his uncle Todd

 This picture Sums up my feelings for the weekend I feel like she is saying " thank you Jesus for the sunshine" 

Yesterday once we got home Pippa showed us how big she is getting and stood for about 10 seconds on her own. Can't believe how big she is getting.

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