Friday, May 9, 2014

5 on Friday

Its Chic Fila Friday over here in the Rogers household!! A little while back I started getting really tired of making three meals a day EVERYDAY so as a treat to myself and Kael I decided we were going to go out to lunch to Chic Fila on Friday for a little treat. As we were driving there I would say " ITS CHIC FILA FRIIIDDAAYYY" and he would laugh and get excited but not really get it. Now that he is getting older and wiser he wakes up each morning and says " ITS CHIC FILA FRIIDAAYYY " not everyday my friend not everyday. I love that he is starting to catch on and get excited for the little traditions I am trying to create for him. I was going to do a sappy " I love my kids " post in honor of Mothers Day on Sunday but I mean I think its pretty clear here that these little nuggets are my moon sun and stars and if you aren't 100 percent positive pops on over to my Instagram feed and get a big ole over sharing dose of Kael and Miss Pippa girl. I hope all you Mommy's out there have a great Mothers Day and take a second to put your feet up and relax a little bit because you deserve it!!

1. I stumbled upon this AMAZING etsy store for little miss girl called brassrazoo  and nearly cried at all the cuteness this romper is really calling my name for one of her outfits for her 1st Birthday pictures.

2. I am currently reading the hilarious book white girl problems  by Babe Walker, you guys may be familiar with her twitter  or instagram account. She just came out with her second book Physco which got a great review in People magazine ( hard core news guys ) so wanted to read her first one first before checking that one out. So far I am giggling up a storm and getting tons of weird looks from Husband J.

3. I have my soon to be sister in laws Bachelorette weekend coming up and I have been having a fun time shopping for a girls weekend getaway ( outfits where I don't have to worry about breastfeeding or yogurt stains ) I recently saw this Champa Sarong in Nordstroms and thought it might need to sneak into my weekender

4. After visiting my best friend a couple weeks back and seeing how organized she was it really gave me the bug. She preps a lot of things ( everything ) ahead of time and is always prepared with a healthy meal instead of finding the quickest thing and shoving it in her mouth. I was really inspired by her organization and been trying to prepare meals for the week this Chicken Avocado Mango Salad is something I could make on a Sunday and enjoy for the week if I added the avocado as I went so it wouldn't brown. YUM

5. I have been looking for a great pair of leopard shoes since the winter and while walking thru Nordstrom the other day I saw these Sam Edelman Sandals and they literally screamed my name. Now I am guilty of impulse purchasing for my children but for myself I definitely take my time and think of it for days ( or months ) and a lot of time I never buy the item. However this time I really can't stop thinking about them so I may be going back to get a pair for the summer.

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