Saturday, May 3, 2014

All Dressed Up with Pippa

A happy and fun day on the blog today little miss Pippa girl is finding standing and cruising with enough confidence that I can step back and snap a couple of pictures of her. Obviously that means she can now be part of the All Dressed Up series HOORAY! The weather was beautiful out yesterday so I put her in a sweet little tank top and jean shorts and headed out to the park with big brother Kael to met up with one of my Mommy friends in the area who has kids the same age. How precious is my sweet girl, so proud of herself these days makes my heart swell. In other big steps for Pippa she is totally over eating her pureed food, so I have had to really step up my game and make her finger foods all week on top of the food that I normally make for Kael for breakfast, lunch and dinner and what I make for myself and Jay. Needless to say it is time to find some recipes that EVERYONE likes or else I will literally be a lady who lives in her kitchen. Anyone have any suggestions? This is our first weekend in 4 that we are actually home and can relax I could not be any more excited to just sit and chill...

Jeans ( were her brothers but you can find similar ones at Gap now )/tank/Sweatshirt 

 As we were walking the trails to the park I couldn't help but notice how gorgeous these trees were.

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