Monday, May 12, 2014

Mothers Day Weekend

I have the Monday Blues for sure this week after having such a nice weekend spent outside enjoying the sunshine and fresh air, the perfect Mothers Day weekend. Saturday we went over to Husband Js coworkers house for dinner but before hand went for a nature hike thru the trails that run thru our town.

Here is Pippa pretending she is driving to the mall lol..

Keeping with the nature trend on Mothers Day we went and checked out the Botanical Gardens in our area and had a picnic. I love the idea of eating out but on Mothers the places are always jammed packed and with two little ones it is really no fun for anyone.

Kael enjoying the fresh air and some watermelon 

 It was the perfect Mothers Day lunch 

After naps we walked to the Ritas near our house and had our first water ice of the season 

 It was delicious

My two littles are ALL the present I could ask for but since I have a sweet sweet Husband he got me the beach tote I have been eyeing for a while.

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