Thursday, May 29, 2014

Random Thursday Ramblings

Anybody else giddy with excitement about the new show on Bravo Ladies of London or whatever it is called..basically Real Housewives of London. I have said to Husband J multiple times that they need to do this show in a different country to spice it up a bit. Well boy oh boy are me and my boyfriend Andy Cohen on the same wave length.

Tomorrow I do my first drive back to Pennsylvania with the kids alone and I am a little nervous. I am leaving super early with the hope to avoid traffic and that Pippa will sleep. I downloaded my new favorite singer Sam Smith and hope that his amazing voice will lull them both to sleep. I have been playing him over and over and over first of all I would NEVER picture that voice coming out of his body it is so soul filled.. he is amazing..

I have been eye balling this dress by the company Jens Pirate Booty. I have ALMOST bought it a couple of time but then chickened out ( pictured jays neck veins when he is going thru the credit card bill ) It is the perfect summer dress 

I noticed I haven't touched much on home decorating here on the blog lately. Don't worry I still love it just as much I just haven't been focusing on it lately because we are gearing up to sell our home soon in anticipation of our move to Texas with Husband Js company. It just does not make sense to put any money into a house that we will be out of soon.. I have been pinning away at what I want out of our home when we move to Houston. This kitchen designed by Jennifer Dyer is amazing.. so filled with light and very inviting, a place where I could picture the kids doing homework and having a after school snack. 

I also love love love the idea of a wall made of doors you could slide open leading out onto a patio. As you all know I am obsessed with the sunshine and warm weather so this is like my dream feature on a house. Husband J says this may not be practical in Houston's 100 degree temperatures but of course I asked him to define practical and followed up by asking if he had met me and finlly argued back we could use it in the fall and winter..This one by Eric Olsen Design is awesome..

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