Thursday, July 3, 2014

On My Bedside Table

Its our Friday over here and something amazing happened this week in the Rogers household! Miss Pippa took her first steps! I almost cried she has been on the verge of taking them for a few days now standing for minutes at a time with a look of deep concentration across her little face. When she finally took the steps she was so excited she dropped to the floor and started clapping along with me in celebration * sigh * they really do grow too fast.  We were supposed to be heading to the Shore for the 4th of July but Husband Js work is a little bit crazy right now and has some unexpected meetings early next week, so we are sticking in Northern VA. Happily my best friend who has not yet met Pippa will be in the area and we have plans to have them for dinner which has me GIDDY with excitement. 
I currently have a LARGE stack of books on my nightstand that need to be read I was in a little bit of a book rut recently. I had all these books that I wanted to read but when I had the time to read them for whatever reason I found myself watching mindless TV instead. Happily I seem to be out of that rut and just finished reading Eleanor and Park. You guys it was so so good. I read it in like 3 days and had that sad feeling when it was over. It about to miss fit kids who find themselves forced into a friendship on the way to school. Their relationship grows over their love of music, comic books and each other. It was so touching and a time a little sad but overall a great great book. 

I gave myself a couple of days to get over Eleanor and Park and now I am about to start the Vacationers. Ive been seeing it all over Pinterest and while in Target I decided to give it a whirl..

Hopefully I love it as much as I loved Eleanor and Park nothing beats a great summer read. I hope you guys have plans to eat lots of hotdogs, see some amazing fireworks and sit by some body of water with your feet up this weekend! Happy 4th of July!!!

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