Thursday, July 31, 2014


So as I mentioned yesterday the Rogers house has been busy with lots of new things happening the biggest and most life altering among those things is that we will be moving to Shanghai China in October. YUP you read it correctly CHINA. This all started a couple months back when my Husband called me from work and asked me if I would be OK moving to China, I promptly hung up on him. Im sorry have you met me..this girl loves her United States of America. Around a hour or so later he called me back whispering that he was serious and his boss was waiting on him to come back and talk to him because they were thinking of putting him up for a position over there. I told him obviously I would be supportive of whatever he needed to do for his career and then bee lined it to fridge and began eating my feelings. For about 6 weeks we had to kinda wait around while they made the decision about who got the job and Husband J would say it probably wasn't happening until it happened and he was told that he got the job. I kid you not I immediately googled " can I get Bravo TV in China" followed by " Is there a Target in China " We have talked with a couple of relocation people and my top question on all my lists is how can I stream TV from the US to China which received many irritated looks from Husband J...

Guys..this is going to be a lot for me but I am going to do it knowing that it is a temporary ( around 2 years ) move and that it will do amazing things for my family. We are still waiting on our Visas and the kids passports but it looks as though we will be living in China by the middle of October which is honestly just terrifying but also pretty exciting. I will not turn this blog into only talking about " life in Shanghai " but I will definitely be filling you in on our adventures. 

This quote below isn't really true for me I was perfectly happy staying in the little bubble that was Philadelphia/Bucks County PA. It seems however that Husband J's job has other plans for me so I have decided I am going to adopt this phrase and embrace it..Say a little prayer for my little family that this journey brings us lots of happiness and good fortune. Any of you out there been to Shanghai before? I would love to hear about your travels and also some tips! 

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