Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekend Recap

I have a new name guys! Its " Kaels Mommy"  This weekend we went to the 4H carnival at Frying Pan Farm an adorable hands on farm in our town and one of Kaels little buddies from our neighborhood referred to me as " Kaels Mommy " and I melted. I can remember thinking of my friends parents this way and it is hysterical that I am now in that light. My best light if you ask me! 

Here is Kael and his little friend Eli taking in all the cool tractors

Even Pippa got in on the fun 

On Saturday we did a lot of decluttering around the house in preparation to put it on the Market. Around lunch time when I couldn't look at our stuff anymore we drove to the town over called Clifton and went to the MOST adorable restaurant called Sullivans. It offers simple foods like hot dogs hamburgers salads a HUGE list of gourmet fries and of course ice cream. The seating area has tons of games out on the table and scattered around the yard. I love the relaxed vibe and that the kids can wander around playing while we wait for our food to come out. After lunch we strolled around the little town of Clifton and took in all its charm, while Kael ate him ice cream. This is my favorite town in Fairfax County it has so much soul to it and a huge huge park where the kids can run and play.. we will definitely be making more visits their before we ship off to China.

                                    Pippa loving of her new view of the world

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