Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer Bucket List

Hi guys! Im feeling energized and motivated to do a better job with this blog now that Kael is in school for a little bit in the mornings. Even though it is only 3 hours its gives me a little time to get my thoughts together, clean the house and write this blog without feeling guilty about nog giving him 100 percent of my attention. I know its a couple weeks late but I have been working on a summer bucket list for us to complete this summer. Some days when I don't have anything scheduled I feel myself just sitting in the house and not making a effort to get out with the kids. Maybe because its easier but by 3 oclock in the afternoon I am ready to scream from boredom. SO I like having this bucket list, when I feel one of those days happening I have been looking at our list and picking something to do off of it. When I was first trying to get our list together I obviously turned to Pinterest for some ideas besides the obvious ones and found a ton of great list.  This one  is my favorite

Here is our bucket list that I wrote on our chalkboard wall in the playroom I need to add some great ones from the list above like build a fort and movie night

 Kael blowing his Spiderman bubbles.. he likes it better when I blow them and he tries to pop them all

 Swings aren't really on the bucket list but I couldn't resist sharing this picture I took of Kael and Pippa yesterday.. oh summer time I love you.

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