Thursday, September 4, 2014

All Dressed Up With Pippa { 14 Months }

I haven't done a all Dressed Up With Pippa in a while.. sorry Miss Pippa! I apologize in advance for how blurry some of these photos are, she is busy busy busy these days and really hard to get a picture of. She is doing lots of new things in her 14th month, her favorite favorite thing is to run away from Mommy, she thinks it is hysterical when I am chasing her. She also knows when she is doing something she shouldn't be doing she shakes her one finger and says no no no. It is so hard not to laugh when she does it because she is so serious. She sleeps with her duck duck and calls his name when we start saying its time for  night night. Whenever she drops her cup from her high chair ( which is every time she is in it ) she turns her big eyes to you and says UHHH OHHHH. When were in the car and a song she likes comes on the radio she wiggles her head back and forth in her carseat with glee and claps her hands. She is trying so hard to play with her big brother and can often be seen attempting to steal a train from the train table. She LOVES Yo Gabba Gabba and loves to carry around her Muno and Brobee dolls held tight to her chest. I am still nursing her and we are working on weaning but she does not seem to be buying it. While dropping her brother off at preschool this morning with no prompting at all she yelled " bye bye " after him. Which melted my heart I am really enjoying watching those two become friends. 

This romper, made by my favorite company Peek, I purchased for her before she was born and it is almost too small which kills me.. it is my all time favorite. 

This top I purchased at Nordstroms but is from the Company Red Wagon Kids  the shorts are again from Peek Kids and the Moccs in both pictures are Freshly Picked 

Our favorite thing lately is to take the kids to the tennis courts in our neighborhood and just let them run and scoot around. It is chained and we can relax knowng they really can't get into anything.

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