Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekend Phone Dump

It is a gray Monday here in Northern Virginia and truthfully I am kind of glad. It gives us the perfect excuse to stay in our pjs and read lots of books and watch some movies. Our weekend was so busy and we had to be out of our house the whole time because we had some showings and a open house so it feels nice to just lounge. Kael is also fighting a cold which I am hoping Pippa doesn't get because we have another busy weekend ahead of us next weekend.

Saturday was my Nephews 1st Birthday party! My sister did an adorable " Camp Gavin" theme there were mini tents and a little scavenger hunt it was super cute.

 Obviously we were super geeked out to have the kids in these camp themed Peek tshirts. Gavins Says " More smores smores smores ( please ) " 

On Saturday night we stayed in a Hotel to avoid messing up the house for the open house on Sunday.. Kael thought it was WAY COOL 

Sunday we went to a Fruit & Vegetable farm and picked flowers and Apples. It was an activity that both the kids enjoyed and it was the perfect weather for it. Upper 70s low 80s and bright beautiful sunshine.

After having to nap on the fly all weekend this girl was still all giggles and smiles.. love her little easy going spirit so much 

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