Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

I hope you had a great Labor Day weekend! We did it actually didn't feel rushed or short and I am here on Tuesday happy relaxed and ready to put the house on the market on Thursday! As I said on Friday me and Husband Jay went away for the night just to unwind and take some stress off of ourselves. We stayed at the Four Seasons in Georgetown and soaked in the bliss that was a quiet room. We wanted to do something fun together so we found this upscale bowling alley called Pinstripe  that will serve you dinner and drinks while you bowl. I was excited about the bowling and didn't have any kind of high expectations about that food and was pleasantly surprised it was delicious!! 

 I am wearing NYC Blank Denim and a Top from Anthropology 

Afterwards we went to a trendy bar where we would NEVER EVER bring our kids and enjoyed a night cap..I had a great Margarita 

The next morning we were up with the birds because we can't sleep past 7,  walked around Georgetown with coffee, admired all the beautiful charming homes and got some brunch

I am wearing a dress from Free People 

Before leaving we had to get cupcakes from my FAVORITE cupcake place of all time… if you guys are ever in DC you must try Baked & Wired.

While walking back to the hotel we stumbled upon a gorgeous little garden tucked away on the back streets the flowers were so so vibrant and beautiful

Loved getting way with Husband J we vowed to do it more often when we get to Shanghai but we were both SO excited to get back to our kiddos. We really love our kids you guys, we could not have packed fast enough and we weren't even away from them for a full 24 hours..sad but true..

On Actual Labor day we hung out at the pool and had our friends from the neighborhood over for dinner

 #imean have you ever seen a cuter little booty lol.

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