Monday, March 3, 2014

Oscar Best Dressed { In my Humble Opinion }

Another snow day folks, this one is OK because my Husband is home from work and it isn't as much snow as expected and HOPEFULLY it will all be gone by tomorrow and we can get back to our regularly scheduled playdates. OK SO I have to admit I did not watch many of the awards show this year I don't know what came over me I have just been tired and just kind of in a funk this winter BUT I did fully commit to watching the Oscars. In the past I enjoyed trying to see all the films that were voted for best picture but this year- umm no - we are lucky if we see one film a year these days, so sadly I didnt know who I was rooting for. Me and my Husband both are appalled that Leonardo Dicaprio does not have a Oscar do I even need to name all the amazing films that he has been in?!? So I was really hoping that he would get one but if it wasn't him I am happy it was Matthew I have always loved him he seems so fun and down to earth #allrightallrightallright . OK now on to my best dressed picks. 

 I thought Jennifer Garner looked gorgeous- I feel like she can look a bit frumpy when taking her kids to and from school but she cleans up so so nicely and looked stunning.

 Nupita nyong'o looked stunning in the light Prada gown I thought she looked like a dream..

 Kate Hudson in Atelier Versace was ALLLMOSTT my best dressed for the night she looks young and fresh and the dress fits her perfectly #winning 

But my best dressed of the night has to go to my girl Giuliana Rancic. I am standing and clapping Giuliana standing and clapping this dress as you would say is Amaze- balls. It is from an Australian designer Paolo Sebastian and it is a 10. If any of you who know me saw my wedding dress you can understand why I love this dress so much the detail on the top it just amazing. 

( Im clearly a girl with a soft spot for a princess gown lol ) 

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